When it comes to luxury, there’s no such thing as compromise

Founded on luxury

Compromise isn’t a word we like to use, here at Galfia. It’s just not becoming of a brand whose founding principles are built on luxury. That’s why our products are truly made to measure.

Always tailormade

Whatever the specifications of the space you’re working within, we will adapt our designs to the last millimetre to ensure they are as ergonomically suitable as they are aesthetically satisfying. Enabling you to have your bathroom exactly the way you want it.

Pure elegance

We combine deep technical expertise with an innate sense of style and perfectionism. Our product designers are passionate to their core about their subject. So our products ooze 21st Century taste and timeless elegance in equal measure.

How do we define the luxury upon which we insist?

Well, it’s quite simple.

These are the hallmarks of our products:

They are built to last. Seriously.

They are aesthetically magnificent.

They are designed for life.

Our relentless insistence on this level of perfection has enabled us, as a business, to grow exponentially since we were founded in the historic city of Valencia, Spain.

Increasingly, architects, interior designers, building contractors and homeowners looking to remodel their bathrooms all over the world are choosing our products, inspired by our commitment to flawless production standards. After all, why should the living room get all the glory?

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